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Orient Express - buffet and  restaurant
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What comes to your mind when they are speaking about The Eastern Express... The best travelling from London to Stambul or mysterious and stylish detective story of Agatha Crystie. And recently in Saint-Petersburg a new restaurant The Eastern Express has been opened at the corner of the Marat and Kolokolnaya streets.
It is 5 minutes walking from the Nevsky prospect. The idea of creation of thematical restaurant where everything will be penetrate with the romanticism of travelling appeared in the Ost -West association where there is a rich experience of making stylish restaurants.

There is a steam locomotive on the front of the entrance. The whistles and get accustomed sounds of the railway station accompany the music corresponding to the situation. We prepare the different dishes on the open fire - on the "mangal" reminded the steam's heating - rare and very popular thing in Saint-Petersburg. We even have the same cubes of sugar which you can meet only in train nowadays. And the sounds of train's which turn from the Marat street to the Kolokolnaya remind about big and small railway stations, about the coach wheel knuckling and about the romantic side of the road.

In our Eastern express there is a buffet the interior of which reminds the electric train absolutely. Young people have had time to take fancy this democratic and hospitable place and sitting on the benches they walked their institutions with pleasure. This is the "third class".

The two halls of our restaurant with small lamps on the tables are the "second" and the "VIP" classes. And the waitress dressed by the fashion of 30-th serve you tea in the stylish glass-holders.
Restaurant from  12-00 till 24-00 Buffet from 11-00 до 23-00 Marata st. 21 tel: +7(812)314-50-96